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Masters of Fine Materials

SPAETER customises all our additives to your specific needs and works patiently together with you to enhance your materials to their optimum performance.

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Staying cool is in our nature

Hi-Cool Thermally Conductive Fillers

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The only limitation is imagination

Hollow Glass Spheres filled with opportunities

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We work patiently to perfect your materials

As masters of fine materials, we take the time to produce with perfection the optimum material with the perfectly matched properties for your individual requirements. Whether thermally conductive fillers, microscopic, thin-walled hollow glass spheres or other fine materials such as magnesium hydroxide or boehmite - we offer you an extensive range of fine materials for a wide variety of applications and customise them for you. We always get the best out of it for you.


Product Highlights

Hi-Cool TCF

Our thermally conductive fillers of the Hi-Cool TCF series based on aluminas and boron nitrides meet the high requirements for complex plastic components. These specially developed mineral filler additives maintain the technological capabilities as well as the thermal properties of plastics. Discover our Hi-Cool TCF product lines.

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C-Spheres are a product line of micro-sized, thin-walled hollow glass spheres (HGS). Due to the excellent properties of our C-Spheres products as well as the possibility of individual adaptations, they can be used in a wide range of polymers such as thermoplastics and rubber compounds. Get to know C-Spheres in more detail.

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All Fine Materials

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