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Hi-Cool Thermally Conductive Fillers

Hi-Cool TCF Alumina

Alumina-based Thermally Conductive Fillers

Hi-Cool TCF Boron Nitride

Boron Nitride-based Thermally Conductive Fillers


Hi-Cool TCF Filler Combinations with Hidromag

Hi-Cool TCF

Plastic materials are used in a wide variety of applications due to their unique capability of providing diverse and specific features and properties. Excellent processability, low weight and cost-efficiency in production allow high degrees of freedom with regard to design and modeling in many technical areas. However, today’s trends in automotive, electrical and electronics industries result in additional requirements. One of the most obvious shortcomings of plastics appears to be the low thermal conductivity.

Power and high-performance electronics or electrical drive components require an excellent heat management. Specifically designed mineral filler additives are the solution to keeping the technological capabilities of plastics and enhancing the thermal properties equally.


„For a perfect balance between heat dissipation, electrical insulation, mechanical and rheological properties of the mixture.“


Hi-Cool TCF thermally conductive filler series, based on aluminas and boron-nitrides, meet the demanding requirements for complex components. They are excellent tools to manage the balancing act between heat dissipation, electrical insulation, mechanical and rheological compound properties.

Particle morphology, particle size and distribution as well as the crystal structure are key factors for the functionality and the optimal incorporation in all kinds of plastic systems, such as thermoplastics, thermosets, and rubbers/elastomers.

The surface of Hi-Cool TCF is conditioned for specific functionalizing of the filler substrate with compatibilizers, adhesion promoters or other additives. Cost-effective in-situ application of additives is possible as well as ready-made coatings on request.

Furthermore, Hi-Cool TCF products are ideally suited to be combined with particular grades of Hidromag magnesium hydroxide fillers for flame retardancy without impairing the objective of thermal conductivity but extending the property profile of plastic compounds.


Product Highlights

Hi-Cool TCF Alumina

Our Hi-Cool aluminas have a spherical morphology, allowing for high packing density or high filler loads, increasing the conductivity of the compound. Learn more about our TCF Hi-Cool aluminas.

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TCF Boron Nitride

Hexagonal boron nitride (hBN or α-BN) is a synthetic, high-polymer material with graphite-like sheet structure. It has excellent thermal conductivity due to its lamellar structure. Discover all the advantages and properties of Hi-Cool TCF boron nitride.

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Our Hi-Cool TCF filler combinations with Hidromag offer increased flame resistance. These combinations are based on the basis of aluminium oxide or boron nitride. Learn more about the possibilities of combinations with Hidromag.

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