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Hollow Glass Spheres filled with opportunities


C-Spheres are a product line of micro-sized, thin-walled hollow glass spheres (HGS). The perfect spherical shape, the low density, the high mechanical compression strength, chemical resistance and high temperature stability allow the application in a wide range of polymers, particularly thermoplastics and rubber compounds.

C-Spheres are suitable for extrusion and injection molding as well as batch and continuous mixing/kneading processes.

C-Spheres not only help to reduce the weight, but also ease the processing and enhance the material properties of final plastic and rubber products.

The application of C-Spheres covers the full replacement and combination with conventional fillers to upgrade the material performance.


„A hollow glass sphere in perfect shape for excellent results!“

Advantages and benefits

  • High compatibility with thermoplastics, thermoplastic elastomers, silicone rubber
  • Weight reduction of extruded and injection molded parts
  • Cycle-time reduction in injection molding, cooling time reduction
  • Reduction of shrinkage and warping, preventing of sink marks
  • Improved rheology, higher mold flow
  • Reduced resin demand due to lowest surface/volume-ratio of the filler
  • Improved thermal insulation and noise reduction performance
  • Enhanced fire resistance and smoke reduction Improvement of dielectric properties


Processing recommendations

Compounding process conditions with high shear forces and/or point contact should be avoided to prevent fracture of C-Spheres, e. g., roll mills or gear pumps. If TSE's are applied, C-Spheres should be added into the molten polymer after the kneading section by top or preferably side feeding. After additon, high channel depth conveying and only few mixing elements are recommended. Conditions are similar to the addition of glass fibers.


C-Spheres may be tailored to meet the specific needs of the final application of the polymer system. The excellent basic properties will be further enhanced by the precise selection of silane surface treatments. Standard amino-, epoxy- and vinylfunctionalized treatments are available as well as any other treatment on request.


C-Spheres tend to agglomerate at high humidity and temperature levels. As such, they should be stored dry and tightly closed. Opened bags should be sealed again. Under controlled conditions C-Spheres will have a shelf life of 12 months.


Technical details of the C-Spheres

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